Oversharing Parents: Giving your kids a chance to not be attention whores starts with you.

I’m really glad there are some parents (and grandparents) out there who understand where the “oversharing” line is when it comes to posting pictures of their kids. My generation was very fortunate to grow up in an age before sharing an embarrassing photograph was just a few screen-touches away from going all over the world as humiliation-fodder.

Parents, please consider that your “so adorable!” pictures of your little darlings sleeping, getting messy faces, crying, and so forth are annoying at best to people who don’t like kids, but think of what having these images out there will do to those kids when they’re old enough to have a sense of self-consciousness and personal pride, or there’s a chance a bully might find and exploit them. It’s not cute to be humiliated, even when dear old mom or grandmom does it.

If you want your kids to understand and value their own privacy and respect their bodies and their images, don’t take the chance away from them before they even have a choice. Why should they respect their image if you don’t, and you’re their role model? It sends mixed messages- you want people to look at your kids in a bathtub or on the toilet and think it’s precious, but later when they chose to swing around a pole or pose with duckface, surrounded by their drunk friends, then you’re going to have a cow?

Your child is your offspring, not your pet or your fashion accessory. If you want them to value themselves, you should value them enough to not treat them like a toy.


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